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Ladies' Circle Estonia (LCE) is a membercountry of Ladies' Circle International (LCI)

The Ladies' Circle International is a global organization of young women. It operates in thirty four (36) countries and four continents. Every year, the organization holds its annual conference in any of the thirty six countries to rewiew the previous years work, chart a course for the future and elect new office bearers.

LCE has joined  with LCI in year 1989 and the first charter was held in 22th of September 1990. In autumn 2010 we celebrated our 20th birthday. Today we have 8 active circles with 74 active members.

The symbol of LCE is a badge, that is designed like the national brooch. For centuries, the brooch has been a pendant belonging to an Estonian woman, and part of her clothing. It was also belived to bring happiness and protect the owner from evil.

Members of LCE wear the brooch-shaped badge, that is formed by equally-sized segments. These symbolize unity, equality, friendship, growth and development through motion.
Loving, sharing, giving, caring

Whatever you are doing, whenever you are doing it - do it from the bottom of your heart with pleasure and joy.

Yours in friendship,
Ladies Circle Estonia

LCE -  RTE & LCE 21th AGM, 11th of June 2011, Palmse



31.01.2020 - 02.02.2020

MTM 2020 Reykjavik

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09.02.2020 - 09.02.2020

LC päev 2020 Kuremaa loss, Jõgevamaa

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15.02.2020 - 15.02.2020


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